Here are the Cinema Events of this seventeenth edition, at Greenwich Cinema (via Po 30, Torino).
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by MegaBaita, 113′, Italy, 2017
Tuesday, October 17, h. 20,30, Greenwich Cinema, via Po 30, Torino
At the end of the screening, Q&A with the authors.

2002: Napo (Matteo Palma) and Rico (Riccardo Gamondi) form Uochi Toki, an electronic duo that drives hip hop into the unexplored: the word as narration of the absurd, the sound raised to the abstract, which partially inherits the dark, ecstatic and undefiled vision given to music by Autechre.
Over the years, Uochi Toki prose unveils a strong individual science fiction sign, and the duo decides to overcome the musical expression, experimenting the 3D digital animation: the Megabaitacollective is born: four minds that, in absolute independence, realize the ten episodes of Il Cartografo (The Cartographer).
The series tells us about the permanent journey of one of the last men on Earth, a planet now overwhelmed by an imponderable event.
The man, moved by the volition to map out the upset horizons, pass through a naked Earth devoid of forms, an Earth where the radical change has involved any level of nature, extended to the depths of being. Words, recipients of dead semantic, will dress the meaning of an impenetrable order: it is the dawn of a possible new foundation of the flow of reality.
The nomad narrator voice - Giovanni Succi, singer for Bachi Da Pietra and La Morte - will guide us, proceeding in hypnotic metaphysics of theatrical artifice: a language built on emotions no longer recognizable, since fossil of an extinct history. Human history.
“(…) if you want to understand, explain is a way that no longer works here.”.


by Francesco Mirabelli, 97′, Italy, 2017
Thursday, October 19, h. 20,30, Greenwich Cinema, via Po 30, Torino
At the end of the screening, Q&A with the author and the cast

Young geologist Sophi Vaiani relocates in a mansion where strange things happen caused by great termal shocks. Once in the house, she find herself in a spiral of terror and delirium… One of the most anxiously awaited italian horror movies of next months, starring the Queen of Italian Noir, Crisula Stafida, and the music of Claudio Simonetti.


by Andrew Rork Getty, 98’, USA, 2017 (Original voice, Italian subtitles)
Friday, October 20, h. 20,30, Greenwich Cinema, via Po 30, Torino
At the end of the screening, Q&A with Davide Pulici and Chiara Pani (Nocturno Cinema magazine)

For the movie event of this edition, we have a very special treat: The Evil Within by Andrew Rork Getty, a cruel and hallucinatory horror with a deceitful Michael Berryman. It’s not only the movie to be important, a gorgeous one indeed, but the story behind it, which started in 2002: the director is part of the billionaire Getty family, an horror lover who decides to make his own movie, with no care for expenses and a budget of 6 million dollars. The shooting of The Storyteller – this is the original title – lasted from 2002 to 2008 among a lot of troubles and the bad tember of the cocaine junkie Andrew Rork. The movie tells about Dennis, a retarded boy who spends his time locked in his room looking at the mirror: it’s just from there that the Storyteller, that is Berryman, comes out, a monstrous creature which tells him horrible stories and literally gets under his skin, unleashing his madness. The upsetting world of Dennis is filled with terrible nightmares, the same nightmares which Getty said to have had during his childhood and which gave him inspiration for the movie. A unique movie, full of sometimes astonishing special fx, made by the director himself, which stayed for years in a closet to be then presented in 2016 at the American Film Market. And Getty? After years of tribulations and the deep love for his dream, he never got to see it finished: his corpse was found naked in a puddle of blood in 2015. Not only a damned movie, a very damned movie and with a damned charm.